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Reasons Why You Should Consider a Welded Dock

When you look for a dock, you may be wondering what the benefits are to getting a welted dock versus one that is bolted together. We're here to tell you why welded docks are so great!

Less Maintenance

Why spend time tightening bolts on your dock when you can have a welded dock that will allow you more play time on the water. With a welded dock, you will spend less time doing maintenance on it.

They Stay Good as New

Welded docks stay as good as new because welds do not become loose over time. With a bolt together dock you could run into it becoming loose and if you do not tighten the bolts within a reasonable amount of time, other parts of your dock like the cables, pullets, winch, or other bolted components could wear much quicker than they should.

They Offer Higher Resale Value

Since welded docks are permanent and require little to no maintenance, they hold their value for much longer than a bolted together dock. Say you are selling your lake house, a welded dock will increase the value of your property since the dock will still look brand new.

They are Quicker to Assemble

Installing the dock yourself? A welded dock is much easier and less time consuming to put together. There are several last parts that you have to attach together compared to a bolted dock.

Questions about welded docks and how to get your hands on one? Reach out to us at zach@zblservice today!


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