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ShoreMaster Infinity Docks Make the Perfect Camper Decks!

Looking for the perfect deck for your campsite? The ShoreMaster Infinity Dock System is a great option that is easily put together, maintenance free, customizable, has several accessories that can be attached and so much more.

Quick Assembly

The Infinity Dock System is lightweight and very easy to do it yourself.

Maintenance Free

The dock system is made of aluminum and plastic so you won't have to worry about rotting or warping like regular wood. It can be cleaned easily too.

Fully Customizable

You can personalize your dock/deck for your campsite in many different ways. There are 10 different decking options to choose from and endless deck configuration options to suit your style


The Infinity Dock System has many different accessories that can truly take your campsite to the next level. There's furniture, grills, fish cleaning tables, fire tables, ladders, hand rails, flat poles, kayak racks, lights and more.

What If You Got a New Camper/RV?

If you got the urge to get a new camper/RV down the road, the system can easily be reconfigured to fit your new one, re-sold and re-installed at another site, or you can re-sell it as a waterfront system.

Contact us today if you're interested in one for your camper/RV - 402.297.4247!


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