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Signs You May Need a New Dock

Holding onto that dock that you aren't even sure how old it is anymore? Not really sure if you're in need of a new one or if your current one is going to last you 10 more years? Look for these common signs that you may need a new dock.

Cracking & Warping

Are there boards curving upwards, cracks and signs of wear? If so, it may be time for a new dock. Though it may not seem like no big deal, this makes for a very unsafe for you and your loved ones to swim off of, dock the boat and more.

You Don't Feel Safe Walking on Your Dock

Do you get splinters or trip over warped pieces of wood? This is a very obvious reason you may need a new dock.

Signs of Rot

If you have an old wooden dock, there may be signs of rot. After years of water sitting on the dock the moisture begins to collect and penetrates deep within the wood. Eventually your dock will begin to rot away.

Moss, Mildew & Algae is Growing on Your Dock

All these things growing on your dock is a sign of age. Your dock may even be slippery because of it. It's time to replace her.

It's Wobbly

If you have a staionary dock and you walk on it and you begin to wobble, it isn't sturdy anymore. The foundation is probably shot and it is no longer safe for anyone.

Still trying to decide if you need a new dock? Chances are if you answered yes to one, maybe two of these questions it is time for a new dock.


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