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The Best Boat Shows in the United States

Water lovers - you've probably been to a boat show in your life, but have you been to any of the "best boat shows in the US"?! Here's some you may want to take a trip to see:

Are we really surprised that Florida has one of the best boat shows in the US? I mean they're on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. At 248,000 meters of space, this boat show is huge. They have all things from yachts to fancy sports cars.

In Cleveland, Ohio the Mid America Boat Show is held. It is another large boat show, with over one million square feet with boats, personal watercrafts and lots of educational activities.

With 280 booths, Rhode Island is where the Providence Boat Show takes place. They have your ski boats and fishing boats, but they also have sail boats and even racing sail boats.

The Atlanta Boat Show has been happening for over 50 years. It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia where there are huge amounts of ski boats, pontoons, fishing boats, sailboats, house boats and more.

Every February, the Seattle Boat Show takes place both indoors and out. It is the biggest boat show on the Northwestern side of the US. They have tons of watercraft and huge displays of all the latest boating accessories.


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