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The Convenience of Solar Panels on Your Dock

Summertime means lots of time spent on the boat and in the water which may require extra dock accessories and power. Dock lights and boat lifts can be powered electrically, but it isn't always the safest most efficient way of doing so. Solar panels are the perfect alternative.

Solar panels capture energy from sunlight and turn it into energy to use. When the sun sets and the solar panel can no longer detect light the battery will kick on and power all devices. Solar powered docks are becoming more and more popular as they have so many benefits.


With solar panels, your power bill is reduced because you're no longer using power to power the things on your dock. They work in all weather conditions and temperatures and will still work if there is a power outage.


Solar powered docks are cleaner and safer. Solar power is ultimately better for the planet. We can each make a difference by doing little things like that to care for our home. There will no longer be the need for an electrician or any unnecessary wires leading out to your dock.

Little Maintenance or Effort

Owning a solar-powered panel takes little to no effort. If you plan to install it yourself, it's as easy as attaching it to the side with midday sun and securing it with hose clamps or self-drilling screws. Once everything is installed, you likely won't have to do much to it ever again as they require little to no maintenance.

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