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The Importance of a Canopy or Roof for Your Boat Lift

Your boat is an investment in your relaxation, summer fun, family memories and so much more. Any investment deserves protection right? That's why we strongly recommend that you have your boat lift covered with either a canopy or a roof over your dock.

Why Your Boat Deserves the Best Protection

No matter where you live, you don't want to leave your boat out in the open in the environment. There are many environmental factors you want to protect your boat from.

Protection from UV Ray

If you were to keep your boat in the sun all hours of the day, the sun would start to have effects on the hull of your boat, the seats, and so much more. By putting a roof or canopy over your boat, you won't have to worry about the sun beating down from above on your boat.

Protection from Rain, Wind and Snow

Without a protection like a canopy or roof over your boat, the rain, wind and snow would try to takeover your boat. By keeping your boat dry, you won't have to worry about several other things happening to your boat in the long run.

Protection from Unnecessary Maintenance Repairs

By protecting your boat from the environment, you won't have as many maintanece repairs and you will save a lot of money.

Types of Coverings for Your Boat

You can choose between a canopy covering for your boat or a roof to cover your boat. It all depends on your current dock system and what you prefer.


A canopy can be used no matter what kind of dock you have currently. They are designed for exceptional coverage and ease of installation.


A roof is going to be your longest lasting, most durable option to cover your boat. They look incredible and do not have to be taken on and off every winter like a canopy does.

No matter what you choose to cover your boat with, it is sure to make your boat las longer and stay in superb shape!


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