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The Many Uses for Boat Dock Cleats

When you think of boat dock cleats, you probably just assume they're for tying off your boat to keep it secure and nothing else. Well, you thought wrong! There are so many uses for boat dock cleats that you should consider taking advantages of.

Tying Off Your Boat

Use them for what they're made for - tying off your boat on your dock if you don't have a boat lift. Use rope and attach it to both ends of the boat so it doesn't try to escape.

Tie Your Water Mat or Floaties to Them

If you want to be able to reach your floaties or water mat right from your dock you can tie rope to them and attach them to the cleats on the dock. This way you can get on them right from the dock instead of having to swim off to them anchored further out in the water.

Attach Your Minnow Bucket to Them

Going fishing and have your minnow bucket and need a way to keep it in the water? Attach your minnow bucket to the dock cleat with rope so they stay submerged and cool in the water.

Use Them As Towel Hooks

Who says they have to be attached to your dock - instead put them on the outside of your house and hang beach towels on them to dry!

Use Them As Drawer Pulls

Take your nautical theme indoors to the next level and use them as drawer pulls on dressers, on bathroom vanities, or on your kitchen cabinets.

Tie Off Your Curtains Indoors

Attach a cleat to each side of the window, use some rope, and tie off your curtains onto them. This will also take your nautical theme to the next level. Brilliant!


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