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The Top 10 Tips on How to Dock Your Boat

No matter if you're a new boater or one who has been driving a boat your whole life - docking your boat isn't always easy. While it isn't always easy in general, there are other factors like wind, choppy waters and guests on your boat that could make it more difficult. Here's some tips to make docking your boat as easy as possible.


No matter what, you always need to take it slow when docking your boat. The fastest boat does not win the race when it comes to docking. You will have more control of your boat and you'll decrease your risk of possibly hitting something.

Wind Direction

Whichever direction the wind is coming in - you want to go right towards that. This will help you a ton.

Water Current

Just like the wind, the water current can play a factor into docking your boat. Go towards the current, not away from it.


Bumpers help make sure there is cushion between your boat and the dock. Make sure they are positioned correctly so they don't get caught.

Go at an Angle

You will want to approach your dock at a 45-degree angle when docking. It seems weird not going straight on, but it will help you aim the boat into the slip.

Tie Up/Raise the Lift

Once you've parked your boat, tie it off/raise the lift right away. Your boat can shift fast, especially if it's windy or choppy out.

Need a visual lesson - here's a good tutorial!


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