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Time to Start Planning for Summer 2024

Yes - it's winter of 2023, but summer will be here in a flash and before you know it you'll be jumping on the boat for a midday cruise on a hot summer day! Make summer 2024 the best summer yet and begin prepping for those summer lake days now. Your future self will thank you!

Even though it's cold now, it is time to start purchasing and lining up your installation if you are in the market for anything boat lift, dock, ladders, dock lights, etc or need something replaced!

By purchasing and lining up these things now, chances are you won't be in the long line waiting for your installation and you may even have it in time for the summer holidays. That way, when Memorial Day and Independence Day roll around you'll be sitting on your dock relaxing while your neighbors are patiently awaiting their dock expansion.

To get a quote on anything for your waterfront, contact us today at 402.297.4247 or email us at!


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