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Tips for Ice Skating on the Lake

When it's winter time here in the Midwest, boating and swimming in the lake is not an option - it is way too cold. Chances are the lake might even freeze enough for you to do some ice skating! It is one of our favorite winter activities to do at the lake. When you go ice skating on the lake it is important to know all the safety tips to ensure nothing goes wrong. We're here to help!

Check the Ice

Don't ever just assume the ice is thick enough for you to go on it to have some fun. Always be sure to check it. When checking to see if it is safe there are a few things you need to make sure of. Make sure the ice is at least 8 inches thick. You can check the ice by taking a screwdriver and a hammer and seeing how far you can go before hitting the water. Be sure to do this in multiple places.

Stay Away From Open Water

Just because the lake may be frozen in some spots does not mean it is everywhere else. If you see a spot on the lake that has some open water stay very clear of it. Do not walk over in that area under any circumstances.

Go in Pairs/Let Someone Know Where You're Going

When you are making your debut to ice skate on the lake, go in pairs or be sure to let someone know where you'll be. In case of an accident, at least someone will no where to look for you. It is always best to play it safe!

Consider Helmets

You should consider wearing a helmet when doing any sort of activity on the lake. You never know where there is going to be a bump in the ice that may make you slip and fall. We always want to be sure to protect our brains. They are important you know!

Dress Warm

It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. You can always take layers off if you need to. Wear warm socks, neck warmers, snow pants, a hat, and gloves. You can layer pants and shirts so you are sure to be extra warm.

Snacks & Drinks

If you are planning on being on the ice for a long period of time bring some snacks and drinks so no one feels the need to go back inside. Bring easy snacks, water, and maybe even a thermos of hot chocolate.

There is snow place like the lake for ice skating!


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