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Top 3 Reasons Why WetSteps are the Ultimate Ladder for Your Dock

Looking for the perfect ladder for your dock this summer? We have Wet Steps in multiple colors and also a couple high dives in stock and ready to go to their new homes. They are the perfect ladder for people (and dogs) of all ages! Here are the top three reasons why you'll want to get your hands on some.

Easy to Use

From people who have knee and hip problems to dogs - everyone can use WetSteps with ease. WetSteps aren't your typical ladder that you have to climb, they are like walking up stairs.

Mr. Harry Potter, the yellow lab, climbing up WetSteps!

They Flip Up

No more leaving your ladder sitting in the lake. With WetSteps you are able to easily flip up the ladder onto your dock after each use. This will prolong the life of your ladder.

Multiple Options

WetSteps come in 4, 5 and 6 step options. The size you need will depend on the measurement from the top of your dock to the water line.

They also come in multiple color options. From silver to blue - the options are endless.

If you would like to get your hands on some - email us at and we will get you the ladder of your dreams! There are limited quantities available so don't wait!


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