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Why Consider Galvanized Steel Over Aluminum

You often hear of aluminum boat docks and boat dock accessories, which are fabulous and have tons of benefits. Rhino Docks are also made out of a very trusty material different from aluminum - galvanized steel. Steel is durable, cost-effective and carry great stability.

Stability & Durability

Galvanized steel docks have the strength and stability to stand up to regular and even heavy dock use. The reason steel works so well because it is chemically treated rather than coated. Since the surface is chemically treated your dock will withstand years or even decades when it starts to show signs of weathering before it needs replaced. This type of steel is also more malleable than aluminum - which means it maintains is shape under stress better.

Style & Selection

Don't worry, Rhino Docs are fully customizable too. You are able to choose how many slips you'd like, your roof style and color, decking and more. You're also able to add dock accessories onto your Rhino Dock that won't take up any extra dock space. They hang over the water and provide for maximum dock space for you to enjoy.

Even More Options

Want to take your dock to even the next level? Add concrete decking to make your dock even more stable. By adding concrete decking and having a stable steel frame, you can even add an upper deck to your dock for entertaining.

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