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Why is Boating Good for Your Mental Health?

When we do something we enjoy, it releases dopamine into our brains. Dopamine makes a huge impact on our mental health. You may not realize how many different hobbies in your life may bring you dopamine - like boating for example. Here are several different factors of why boating is so great for your mental health.

The Setting is Relaxing

There's no doubt that the setting of being on the water and soaking up Vitamin D is relaxing. You may not realize that simply even just the setting has an impact on your mental health. Studies prove that people who live by the water are happier overall.

It Builds Relationships

Going boating is even better when you do it with your friends and family. These two things combined are also great for your mental health. Plus, you'll create memories boating to last a lifetime.

It Forces You to Focus on Nature

There are so many stressors of everyday life that can seem impossible to escape. Boating can do exactly this. It forces you to take in the sound of the water, the birds chirping, the way the clouds look in the sky, the way the sun reflects off the water - all these things will make you focus on the world around you and take the spotlight off the current stressors in your life.

The Power of Sunlight

The sunlight is huge for anxiety and depression. Simply being in the sunlight for mental health. Experts recommend that people should be in the sunlight for at least 30 minutes each day to help with their mood.

All of the reasons why boating is good for your mental health are the perfect excuses for you to get to boating more often. Right?!


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