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Why We Love Upper Decker's & You Will Too!

Picture this - it's 7am on a Saturday, you pour yourself a cup of coffee and walk outside and up to your Upper Deck Dock to relax before Saturday's activities. The lake is calm and quiet and you can feel a light breeze through your hair. Now your view doesn't get much better than this, you can see all the beauty the lake has to offer, the birds soaring through the air, and the bright blue skies.

Now, the view isn't the only amazing thing about an upper decker dock, we promise you that. Read on to find out all the reasons why upper deck docks are one-of-a-kind!

Strength, Stability and Beauty

Upper decks have it all - the strength and stability of the galvanized steel dock structure, concrete decking and premium floatation. Plus, it looks amazing and has great functionality!

With an upper-decker, you technically get double the dock space. You can entertain more friends and family, have extra activities for the kids (and adults) to do. You will even have more space for all the good stuff like a grill or lounge furniture!

Aluminum Upper Deck

The aluminum upper deck features waterproof flooring and premium handrails. This allows you to sit on your upper deck in comfort and style!

Structure Made of Galvanized Steel

The galvanized steel structure of the RhinoDock Upper Deck makes it so your dock experience is a state experience.

Entertainment and Relaxation for All

With an upper deck, you can provide entertainment and relaxation for people of all ages. For example, let the kids jump off the upper deck while the parents relax.

Upper Decker docks sure are superb if you ask us! Does one sound great for you and your family? Contact us today for a free quote!


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