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Fall - The Surprisingly Really Enjoyable Lake Season

Fall is officially here! You're probably visiting the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider and jumping in the leaves. If you have a cabin at a lake, chances are you've closed it up for the winter and don't really plan on visiting much until spring.

If this is true, you should really consider visiting your lake or maybe even another lake this fall. Just because you can't swim or take a boat ride doesn't mean you should avoid the lake during the fall and winter. There are plenty of reasons you should take the time to take a visit to the lake this fall.

Fewer People

Not as many people will visit the lake during the fall. There are either very few or no boats at all on the lake, less people around and it is just peaceful and quiet.

Beautiful Views

Fall time is a beautiful time of year, but even more beautiful at the lake. The leaves are changing colors and them being by the lake just makes them that much more beautiful.


The weather in the fall is just perfect, it's not too hot and not too cold. In the summer at the lake, you're baking in the sun during the day and the bugs are attacking you at night. In the fall, the weather is just right and the bugs are no longer in sight and it’s the perfect time for a beautiful bonfire and smores with friends and family.

Pack a bag, grab the family and take a trip to your cabin or a lake this fall. You won't regret it!


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