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ShorePort Front & Middle Keel Roller

ShorePort Front & Middle Keel Roller


Two mid-section rollers are adjustable to accommodate virtually any PWC or jet ski hull style. Three polyethylene rollers allow you to easily drive onto the ShorePort with a gentle flick of the throttle, and when you’re ready to ride again, simply push off to launch.


The rollers on the Shoreport have multiple adjustment locations in order to adjust the Shoreport to your personal water craft. The front and middle rollers can be placed in three different slots and can also be flipped with axle above or below the plates. To adjust, use a 7/32" hex key to remove the four 3/8 button head bolts holding the roller in, move to desired position, and put the bolts back in to secure in place. For PWC's that are difficult to unload we recommend having the front roller in the most forward position with the axle flipped above the plates so it is the highest it can be and the middle roller in the most forward position with the axle facing down into the slots of the Shoreport.


With the many different designs of PWC's available you will need to adjust the rollers to fit your specific watercraft. As a general guideline, raising the front and middle rollers makes it easier to unload the PWC. However if the rollers are too high the PWC may not stay on the Shoreport and the rollers may need to be lowered. If the rollers do not provide enough height in the forward position with the axle up, there is a spacer kit available to raise the roller another 1/2 inch.

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