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What Are the Advantages of Seawalls?

A seawall may seem like something you don't have to have, but it really is one of the most important things a waterfront owner should have. Now why are they so important? Let's dive in and discuss all the reasons why seawalls are of utmost importance!

They Defend Against Flooding & Erosion

Many of us who live on the water know about flooding and erosion all too well. A seawall is what protects you from these disasters.

When a wave crashes into the shore the seawall takes that energy and releases it back out to the water reducing erosion of your property.

Think about a busy weekend at the lake and the constant boats going by, imagine all those waves crashing onto your grass right in front of your house. Too much water too close to your house could potentially flood it. But, because a seawall is there you don't need to worry near as much.

Protection to the Environment & Wildlife

If your seawall did not exist, erosion would take place and would continue to make your shoreline smaller and smaller. A smaller shoreline would disrupt ecosystems and harm wildlife.

The Advantages of Seawalls Last For Decades

The biggest reason people don't think they need a seawall that bad is because of the upfront cost. While it can be expensive upfront, they offer a long term solution.

Seawalls ensure your home is safe from erosion and flooding, wildlife stays thriving, and it even gives your shoreline an aesthetic appeal.

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