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6 Things You Need to Think About When Purchasing a Boat Lift

If you own a dock and a boat, but don't own a boat lift yet - now’s a great time to consider purchasing one! . When purchasing a boat lift, there are some key factors to consider. You want to make sure you are making the most out of your time and money out on the water. It is best to get the right boat lift so you can have it AND your boat for many years to come!

Location & Strength

Depending on where you are located on the lake, that will determine what type of boat lift you will need. If you are located on the main channel you will need a stronger lift than if you were located in the cove.

On the main channel, you will want to make sure your boat lift has 2.5" arms. In some cases, you may even need 3" arms for extra strength.

Water Depth

The water depth at every lake is different. In late fall and through winter, the lake levels tend to be lower than in the summertime. Your boat lift dealer will look at which lake you are at and take these things into consideration.

Shallow water lifts can sometimes even be used instead of a regular lift. These allow for an extra foot of operation.

Slip Width

Making sure the slip is the right width for your dock is another thing that is very important.

Weight & Capacity

The size of your boat will determine the size of your lift. The kind of boat you own; how much your boat weighs with nothing in it; and how much it weighs full of gear and gas are all factors that will need to be accounted for. You will also need to factor in the length of your boat as well.

If you're unsure what boat lift might be best for you, contact your local dealer and they'll be able to help!


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