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Best Boat Dock/Lift Bird Deterrents

There’s nothing worse than having a bird dive bomb you as you’re getting on your dock! Birds can be a pester on your boat dock and lift. They may make nests in the corners of your boat canopy and leave droppings all over your dock. Luckily, there are ways to keep them away!

Dori Poles

Dori poles will help keep the birds away and don't look tacky while doing so. Birds are not fans of motion so when they see these flags moving in the way, they're sure to stay away. Choose your favorite sports team colors for the flags or just your favorite colors!

Gulls Away

Gulls away is a system that attaches to the top of your boat canopy. These make birds uncomfortable and will surely make them move to a new area.

The Owl

The classic owl trick to keep birds away is a super cheap and easy option. The owl should be placed near the top of your canopy or on the outer deck of your boat.

Reflective Devices

You can use any type of reflective device that can catch the sun rays and shine into the birds eyes and scare them off. CDs and reflective tape are a couple that would work perfect for this trick.

Though not all these tricks work 100% of the time, they are certainly worth a shot to get rid of those pesky nests and droppings this summer!


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