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Can Your Aluminum Dock Rust?

Your dock is your access to your boat, fishing spots, swimming, relaxation and so much more. When you invest in something like a dock you want to make sure you are getting something you’ll enjoy for several years to come. This is what makes a ShoreMaster premium dock such a great choice.

Generally speaking your aluminum ShoreMaster dock will never rust. This is because rust is iron oxide and typically there is not iron in aluminum. Aluminum also won't warp, rot, decay or twist over time.

Little to No Maintenance

If you're the type of person that doesn't want to do more work than you have to than an aluminum dock is the perfect choice. It requires very little maintenance to keep it looking nice year after year. It doesn't require staining or finishing like wood does and it rarely needs to be cleaned.

Stays Nearly Perfect for Years

It takes a lot to break-down aluminum, therefore your dock is going to last. It is very durable and can be powder-coated, painted, or anodized into several color options.

Next time you're thinking about your dock that needs replacing do your research and consider an aluminum dock to save time and headaches!


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