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How to Keep Mice Out Of Your Boat During Storage

After the long Winter months, we all look forward to getting our boats into the water in the Spring. Nobody wants to pull the boat cover off and see that mice have been invading the boat over the winter. That would be a total buzzkill! Here's some different ways you can prevent mice from making themselves at home in your boat this winter.

Remove Everything From Your Boat

Get rid of everything that may be left in your boat after the summer. Old sandwich bags, cushions, etc. Mice will eat anything and if there is something for them to chew through - they'll be there.


Before you cover up your boat, give everything a good vacuum, You may have some food crumbs or something on the floors that would likely attract mice.

Cover Your Boat

Most boats come with a very tight cover. They're usually so tight they are difficult to get on. The tighter and more secure your cover is, the less likely mice will find their way in. Be sure to invest in a good boat cover.

Dryer Sheets

Place dryer sheets all throughout your boat. Not only will this make your boat smell good, mice tend to not like the smell so will stay away. They say Bounce dryer sheets work the best!

Moth Balls

Just like us, mice also do not like the smell of moth balls. Place moth balls in open containers throughout your boat and avoid placing them directly on surfaces on your boat otherwise you may have trouble getting the smell out.


Set traps around the outside of your boat where it is being stored. That way if a mouse tries to jump into your boat, they'll be trapped before they are able to do so.


Peppermint extract or oil works well in keeping mice away too. Put it on cotton balls and place them around your boat.

No matter what you decide to do to keep mice out of your boat, just be sure to start with a clean boat, then choose which method you are going to use to further prevent them from wanting to make themselves at home.


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