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How to Prep Your Boat for Spring in Time for Boating Season

Spring is in full swing and before we know it - your after work and weekend activities will include boating! We can hardly contain our excitement and we bet you're feeling the same way.

While you are patiently waiting for boating season to be in full swing, here is how we recommend you get your boat ready.

Give Her a Good Clean

Even if you cleaned your boat in the fall, it may need another light cleaning. Wipe off your seats, dash, and your carpet. While cleaning, make sure there are no tears in the seats. If there are, repair them before they get any worse.

If you'd rather a professional clean your boat so you don't have, we'd highly recommend Legends Detailing. They're sure to get your boat looking as good as new.

Check Your Battery

After you're done cleaning your boat, be sure to check your battery before you try to put your boat in the water. If your boat doesn't start, it's possible it just needs a good charge. If a charge doesn't work, you will have to look into getting a new one.

Check Your Engine & your boats Propeller

It's important to check your engine as well so you can keep it running as good as new. Check to see if it is in need of an oil change or maybe a new filter. You will also want to check all belts. If there are any that need to be replaced, it's always best to do this before you're boating all the time. Inspect the propeller and hull to ensure they are in superb shape.

Check Your Cooling System & Antifreeze

Did you have your boat winterized? If so, you probably had the system flushed. This means you'll need to replace those fluids so everything runs properly.

Look Over the Trailer

Do your trailer lights work? Is the license on the trailed current? These are all important things to look over before you take your trailer on the road to put your boat in the water.

Check the Licensing

Every state is different, but in Nebraska you have to renew the license on your boat every three years. Be sure your boat licensing is up to date and does not need a renewal.

Ensure Your Stickers on Your Boat are up to Code

In Nebraska, you have to have your registration numbers/letters displayed on your boat. Be sure those are correct and placed properly.

Some private lakes also require you to have a private sticker on your boat so that they know you are a homeowner at the lake. Make sure you find this out and display this if your lake requires it.

In our opinion, ensuring your boat is clean and ready to go for boating season is crucial. You don't want a little mistake like not having your boat licensing up to date when you are itching to get on the water when it hits 80º.


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