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How to Spend Fall at the Lake

Summer is officially over and fall is in full swing! As the weather gets chillier and the leaves begin to fall you might wonder what you can do on a fall day at the lake. We're here to help you with the perfect list of things you can do for fall!


Fall is a great time to get some fishing time in! With the cooler temps, you won't have to worry about sweating in the sun while waiting for the fish to bite. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to take the boat out for one last spin of the year while you do some fishing.


Many lakes have great areas to do some hiking and what better time for a hike than a crisp fall day when the leaves are beginning to change!


Grab your fam and friends and pack some sandwiches, a blanket, and your favorite drink for a little picnic by the lake. The weather will be perfect. and the view will be even better.


Fall is a great time to camp as it isn't too hot nor too cold. There are many camping spots around Nebraska that sit lakeside. What better way to wake up on a crisp autumn day than to hear the birds chirping, the cool air, and the view of the lake and changing colors on the trees.

Have a Bonfire

Have a late night bonfire and roast some s'mores with your friends and family!


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