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Our Training on Polylift + Team Bonding in the Ozarks

At the beginning of the month, our team headed down to the Lake of the Ozark's to get some training on our newest lift line, Poly Lift, and do some boating and team bonding while we were there!

We decided to add Poly Lift to our lineup as they offer some great models of boat lifts for our customers. They have some extra models to choose from that include the ability to hold many different sizes of boats.

Poly Lift has been around since 1975, making them seasoned experts in the boat lift industry. Poly Lift works hard to continue to improve their products whenever they feel their customers will benefit from it. They were the first to introduce the use of polyethylene as flotation for tanks (impressive!) which reduces the load on a dock when the lift is fully underwater. They were also the first to use a ultra high molecular weight plastic for bushings that makes your boat lift quiet (yay for quiet boat lifts!).

Our team had an amazing experience learning all about Poly Lift and really taking it all in. Thank you to the experts at Poly Lift for the great training they provided and for being such great hosts. We sure appreciate this family business.

While at the Ozark's, we couldn't leave without a peaceful boat ride on this beautiful lake and a team dinner. We chatted, laughed, paid close attention to all the docks, lifts and all the things on the lake (of course). We throughly enjoyed this off-site bonding experience!


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