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Prep for Summer Lake Days!

Summer is just right around the corner! Are you ready for the warm summer days on the lake? Here's what you can do to prepare yourself for summer at the lake.

Buy Now Rather Than Later

Rather than waiting until summer is actually here, it is always best to be thinking of things you may want new for your boat dock/lift now. It is always more likely dealers will be too backed up or things will be out of stock if you wait too long.

That new ladder or new dock furniture you've had your eye on - get your hands on it now. Don't wait until Memorial Day weekend.

Clean Your Boat

Your boat has been sitting all winter long, chances are it could use a good cleaning. Clean off the outside part of your boat, inside, and everything in between to start your summer boating off to a good start.

Clean Your Dock/Lift

Your dock and lift may need some cleaning, as well. A good power washing job is never a bad idea. It will get your dock/lift looking new and most importantly, make it last as long as possible when you take great care of it.

License Your Water Crafts & Trailers

Make sure your water toys and trailers are up-to-date. If they need new licensing, go to the courthouse before your first spin around the lake on the boat.

Get Your Fishing License

Are you an avid fisherman? Make sure you renew your fishing license!

Check Life Jackets

If you have kiddos, chances are they outgrew their life jacket from last year. Make sure everyone has a life jacket that fits them well.

Stock Up On Snacks, Sunscreen & More

Popsicles, your favorite chips and anything else the family likes to have on hand at the lake - stock up on it so you don't run out. Make sure you don't forget to stock up on sunscreen, too!


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