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Why You Should Consider Taking Up Open Water Swimming at the Lake

If you're thinking about new ways to exercise, open water swimming may be a great option you haven’t thought of and it may be a great fit for you. There are so many benefits to open water swimming, here's some of them:

Open Space

In a pool you may run into the lane ropes or the edge of the pool, with open water swimming there really isn't much to run into. Unless you count fish ;) You feel like you're going a much bigger distance because you're not seeing that pool wall over and over again.

Physically and Mentally Challenging

Unlike pools, sometimes open water swimming may be much cooler since there isn't a pool heater. Your body isn't used to the cold temperatures which makes your swimming feel like you're doing that much more work. Wetsuits are recommended for beginners. They help with buoyancy and help with your body temperature.

Good Calorie Burner

Yes, all swimming is fabulous exercise. Swimming in open water that may be cooler than a pool is even better exercise. This is because when your body gets cold, you use more energy which then leads to burning more calories.

It Puts You in a Better Mood

Swimming is a great way to make you happier. Being in the water allows the body to relax and release tension.

No matter what you choose to do with your open water swimming techniques makes it a great way to exercise. You can do it just because or you could participate in a sprint triathlon, race your friends for fun, or dive all in and sign up for an Ironman! Be sure to buy yourself a swim buoy, as they are important to keep you safe during all your open water swimming.


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