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Benefits of Living on a Lake

They say that people who live close to the water are happier and healthier all around. Why is that? There are several different reasons as to why this is.

The View

The views on a lake or any body of water are breathtaking. Nothing can compare to what you see while sitting on your deck looking out on the water. The sunrises and sunsets look best over the water. We believe relaxing and looking at something beautiful can serve as a great stress reliever.

The Air

There is a distinct difference between the air in the city than the air surrounding the lake. The cleaner air is much better for your body and it can help reduce problems for people with asthma.

Activities Never End

If you've ever heard someone say they were bored at the lake you probably thought they were crazy. Swimming, wakeboarding, boating, jet-skiing, skiing, fishing, kayaking, and tubing are only some of the activities you can do on the lake. There is never a dull moment at the lake!

Increased White Blood Cell Count

Typically there are more trees and plants near the water which give out phytoncides. Breathing this in helps increase your white blood cell count. Increased white blood cell count helps fight off illness and infections.

Better Sleep

Being near the water is relaxing to the mind and body. In several different ways living next to the water helps clear your mind and allows your body to relax and get a good night of sleep.

These benefits of living near the water are just some of the reasons you should buy that lake house!

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