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Essentials to Keep On-Board Your Boat

Have you ever gone boating and realized you forgot the sunscreen or some other important essential? There is nothing worse than having to turn the boat around and go grab it at home. That's why we suggest keeping these essentials on-board your boat so you don't ever have to turn around and go home.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

The sun and bugs normally never stay away during a boating excursion. Always have both to protect your skin and keep those bugs away.

First Aid Kit

You never know when someone might get a cut or bruise. Keep a first aid kit on board in case of an emergency.

Emergency Flares

A lot of the time, lakes don't have the best cell service. In case something were to go wrong and your cell signal doesn't work - emergency flares are essential in case of emergency.

Extra Rope

You may come across someone broken down on their jet ski. In instances like this, it's always good to have extra rope.

Fire Extinguisher

Though you're on the water doesn't mean you'll never need a fire extinguisher.

Life Jackets

By law, you have to have lifejackets for each person aboard the boat. Might as well keep some extras in case someone were to forget theirs.

A Paddle

In case your motor breaks down and there are no boats in sight to tow you, keep a paddle on-board.


Being out in the sun all day long, everyone needs to stay hydrated. Keep some extra water bottles on board to keep everyone hydrated.


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