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Midwest Lake Continues to Grow and Make Improvements - Ozark’s Outlet Mall is Being Revitalized

Osage Beach Outlet Mall is under contract to be sold. Chris Foster, who is part of one of the oldest families at Lake of the Ozark's, has partnered with Horizon Development and says that they have partnered with Legacy Development, the same company who built Legends Outlet in Kansas City to transform it.

Foster has been thinking about this project for quite some time, but it took a lot of time to acquire the outlet mall in order for him to officially begin.

“We will only move forward with the project if we think we can be successful in creating a world-class destination,” Foster said. “We want to reinvent the shopping experience… to a 21st century type of project, that expands upon the current destination.” He made sure to let everyone know that the current stores at the mall would not be shut down, but they plan to build on and take things in a new direction. These changes will likely start to begin in early 2022.

The Outlet Mall has been a major source of sales tax revenue for the city of Osage Beach for decades, this should really take things up a notch.

Just all the more reason to visit Lake of the Ozarks!

Us lake bums sometimes need a getaway vacation to another lake, Lake of the Ozark's is a really great option here in the Midwest. There is a fun time for all there!


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